Competitive advantage through tech-enablement

Booming economy although mostly based on low-tech businesses

Davos Capital team can help companies to implement and leverage technology.


Limited available sources of growth capital

Majority of buyout funds have a limitation to invest only in assets above c. EUR 50m due to inefficient resource utilization. Lack of proper players who can invest in such assets usually leads to straight declines.

Davos Capital team based on relationships with advisors, buyout funds, personal network as well as proactively identifying attractive sectors got access to such size investment targets.


Segments in the process of consolidation

Multiple market segments are still highly fragmented, with no player with sufficient scale to become the national / regional champion

Davos Capital team can leverage on its experience from other geographies to identify the best markets for consolidation and suitable consolidation path


Companies in generational transition

The first generation of entrepreneurs formed following the fall of communism in early 1990s is currently approaching retirement age, initiating the succession planning

Davos Capital team can offer the founders an opportunity to pass on their legacy to operationally involved investors who can open new growth avenues for their companie

Davos Capital

takes a fresh look at

the alternative asset

management industry in CEE

Aleksander Jozwik

Aleksander Jozwik


Partners Group

Columbia University

Piotr Lagowski

Piotr Lagowski


Penta Investments

London Business School

Karol Niewiadomski

Karol Niewiadomski


Silver Lake Partners

University of Cologne

Radek Pawlowski

Radek Pawlowski

Senior Advisor, Legal

Royalton Partners

Yale University

Ubaid Rahman, CFA

Ubaid Rahman, CFA

Senior Advisor, CFO

Partners Group

Chicago Booth


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Davos Capital team possesses fine-tuned core PE skills as well as strong operational expertise building, managing and advising companies. Partners form a highly cohesive team with complementary mix of experiences and skills.